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  • Door Fittings


    MIDALPRO supply a wide range of high quality aluminium door fittings that include lever flush bolts, hat and coat hooks, flush pulls and escutcheons.

    The Midalpro range of aluminium door fittings are available in a variety of anodised and powder coated finishes.

    Click on the image or link to view product details including larger image, stock codes, sizes and finishes.

    h400 h460 h463
    H600 Flush Pull
    h605 h060.h058.h057
    h060.h058.h057 h060.h058.h057 h7821A1
    H058 Hat and Coat Hook H060 hat and Coat Hook H7821A1 Escutcheon
    h7822A1 h7823A1 h7830A1
    H7822A1 Escutcheon H7823A1 Escutcheon H7830A1 Thumb Turn
    H7835A1 Escutcheon