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  • FAQ's


    Can Anyone Buy from You?
    Yes, anyone can buy on a payment with order basis or you can speak to us about opening an account if you decide to order on a regular basis.

    What is Your Lead Time?

    We have a Finished Goods Store where we try to maintain a full stock to keep orders and deliveries running smoothly. We try to keep back-orders to a minimum at all times.

    What if I Don't Know Exactly What I Need?
    We have very experienced sales and production teams that have been in the industry for many years. Please contact us if you have any queries and we will best suit your needs.

    What is Your Delivery Process?
    By means of a reputable national courier company we ensure that stock reaches you as quickly as possible after leaving us. We have full tracking access, this way we can tell you exactly where your consignment is at any point during the delivery process.

    Do You Offer Special Deals?
    We have a standard price list and a bulk price list. Both of which are available if you contact us. Depending on the item in question the discount volume varies and we'd welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you.