Our very long term prospective “Hinges” on making the best possible product we can.

Covering many options of hinges, all options are of quality you can rely on.

Aluminium Hinges, for instance, is ideal for automotive applications due to its lightweight characteristics, this offering you our wide range of Canopy Hinges which is one of our top selling Hinges here at Midalpro, which is customary made for all customer’s needs.

From Door Hinges, standard Sinkless & Butt Hinges, High Demanded Shutter Hinges as well as a Continuous hinge. Our Range of Hinges are typically used for Barn doors, electrical doors, cabinets, enclosures & even furniture making. Most of you know Continuous hinges as piano hinges, which stems back to their original purpose, to secure a piano lid to the piano body. Today, they’re also used to distribute weight and minimize stress on the door or cabinet in light, medium and heavy-duty industries. Much like all the hinges we offer.

As simple as a “Hinge” may sound, this little applicant is very important in our modern world.